Speakers to Be Used
This unit has been designed to provide the best sound-
field quality with a 6-speaker system, using left and right
main speakers, left and right rear speakers, and a center
and rear center speakers. If you use different brands of
speakers (with different tonal qualities) in your system,
the tone of a moving human voice and other types of
sound may not shift smoothly. We recommend that you
use speakers from the same manufacturer or speakers
with the same tonal quality.
The main speakers are used for the main source sound
plus the effect sounds. They will probably be the speakers
from your present stereo system. The rear speakers are
used for the effect and surround sounds, and the center
speaker is for the center sounds (dialog, vocals, etc.). If
for some reason it is not practical to use a center speaker,
you can do without it. Best results, however, are obtained
with the full system.
The main speakers should be high-performance models
and have enough power-handling capacity to accept the
maximum output of your audio system. The other
speakers do not have to be equal to the main speakers. For
precise sound localization, however, it is ideal to use the
models of equivalent performance with the main
I Use of a subwoofer expands your
sound field
It is also possible to further expand your system with the
addition of a subwoofer. The use of a subwoofer is
effective not only for reinforcing bass frequencies from
any or all channels, but also for reproducing the LFE
(low-frequency effect) channel with high fidelity when
the Dolby Digital signal or the DTS signal is played back.
The YAMAHA Active Servo Processing Subwoofer
System is ideal for natural and lively bass reproduction.
Speaker Placement
Refer to the following diagram when you place the
I Main speakers
Place the left and right main speakers an equal distance
from the ideal listening position. The distance of each
speaker from each side of the video monitor should be the
I Center speaker
Align the front face of the center speaker with the front
face of your video monitor. Place the speaker as close to
the monitor as possible, such as directly over or under the
monitor and centrally between the main speakers.
• If the center speaker is not used, the center channel sound will
be heard from the left and right main speakers. In this case,
“1A CENTER SP” on the SET MENU is set to NONE (see
page 53 for details).
I Rear speakers
Place these speakers behind your listening position,
facing slightly inwards, nearly 1.8 m (6 feet) above the
I Rear center speaker
Place the rear center speaker in the center between the left
and right rear speakers at the same height from the floor
as the rear speakers.
I Subwoofer
The position of the subwoofer is not so critical, because
low bass sounds are not highly directional. But it is better
to place the subwoofer near the main speakers. Turn it
slightly toward the center of the room to reduce the wall
Use magnetically shielded speakers. If this type of
speakers still creates the interference with a monitor,
place the speakers away from the monitor.
speaker (L)
1.8 m (6 feet)
Rear speaker (L)
Rear center
Rear speaker (R)
Main speaker (R)
Center speaker
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