Preparations before you make connections


Preparations before you make connections

Specify the Wi-Fi access point as described in the owner’s manual of 
each device.
Although there is no need to make special settings, we recommend 
that you use security such as WPA in order to prevent unauthorized 
access to the network from outside.
Guidelines for settings are provided below.


Specify the name of the Wi-Fi network.


Specify the security mode (e.g., WPA2) and password.


Select the wireless mode. (such as 802.11n or 802.11g)


If possible, enable “Auto Channel Selection.”

The wireless channel with the least interference will be selected.
For the fastest communication between the iPad and the Wi-Fi 
access point, we recommend that you select an 802.11n network. If 
you use multiple external antennas, it will be easier to connect to the 
Wi-Fi access point.
In addition, we recommend that you make stealth mode and MAC 
address filter settings to increase security.

Use CAT5e cables to connect the target system with the Wi-Fi 
access point.
Include an Ethernet switch in the system if necessary.
To convey audio signals, connect the ST IN of the MTX or MRX to 
the AUX OUT or ANALOG OUT of the MusicCast device or to the 
OMNI OUT of the Disklavier.

Wi-Fi access point settings

Connecting to the target system

iPad with ProVisionaire Touch or 

ProVisionaire Touch Kiosk installed

Target system

CAT5e cable

Wi-Fi access