Control panel information


Control panel information 

— the Information button

This lets you view various settings.
On the menu bar, tap the Information button 

 to see the follow-

ing information screen.

* In Initial mode, items other than [About App] are not shown.

* In Design mode, [Online Devices] is not shown.

About App:

 Shows the version of this app, and copyright informa-


About File:

 Shows information on the currently loaded settings file.


 The version of this app when the settings file was cre-



 Allows you to enter/edit a comment for the settings 


Administrator Comment:

 A comment can be entered/edited 

only if you authenticated with an administrator code.

* The Administrator Comment can be viewed in the file browser.

Online Devices (shown only in Control mode):

 Lists currently 

online devices. The displayed contents are the model name, UNIT 
ID (only for an MTX/MRX system device), friendly name, and IP 

About This Page (shown only in Design mode):

 Shows the total 

number of widgets included in the currently displayed page.
A maximum of 150 widgets can be used on one page.