Registering devices to control


Registering devices to control 

— the Device Management button

Here’s how to register a device of the target system that will be con-
trolled from the custom panel you created.
The device/parameter that’s controlled by a widget in the custom 
panel is determined by the Model and Unit ID or IP address that you 
register here.


You’ll use Design mode to register a device. If you’re 
in Control mode, use the Operation Mode button 


switch to Design mode.

* If the menu bar is hidden, unhide it in either of the following ways.

• Touch the upper left of the screen, and authenticate using an adminis-

trator code.

• Close ProVisionaire Touch and then re-open it; then authenticate the 

applicable file with an administrator code and reload it.


Tap the Device Management button 



Tap [Add Device].

Registering a device