Widget design


Widget design

Here we explain how you can change the design of a widget that’s 
placed on the panel.
Tap the widget whose design you want to change; a context menu 
appears. In the menu, tap [Design]; a dialog for changing the design 
of that widget appears.

For a Button

[Style] tab


 Specifies the rounding of the corners.


 Adds a gradient to the button surface.

Border Style:

 Specifies the style of the border.

Border Color:

 Specifies the color of the border. 

 Specifying a 


Border Width:

 Specifies the thickness of the border.

[On] tab


 Specifies the color of the button when the button is On. 

 Specifying a color


 Places an image such as an icon or pattern on the surface 

of the button. If this switch is On, the Select Image and Expansion 
Mode items are shown.

Select Image:

 Selects an image.

Expansion Mode:

 Specifies how the image is expanded relative 

to the surface of the button.

* For details on how to select an image, refer to 

“Specifying an image.”

[Off] tab

Specifies the surface of the button when the button is Off.
The setting items are the same as for the [On] tab.