What you can do using ProVisionaire Touch


What you can do using ProVisionaire Touch

• Using ProVisionaire Touch, you can use your tablet device to intuitively place widgets such as sliders, buttons, 

and photos on the page (screen) to create an original touch control panel that fits the requirements of your 
installation and your needs, all without requiring any special programming.

• Since you can create multiple design pages, a separate control panel could be created for each area and user, 

or you can create design pages for specific presets or parameter states.
You can restrict access to control panels and design pages, ensuring secure and convenient operation of the 

• Data for a completed control panel can be exported as a file, allowing you to use the same controller for multiple 

units, or you can save the data as a template and use or share it with other systems. This lets you create con-
trollers efficiently and conveniently.

• Since connection with the target system occurs via Wi-Fi, the tablet device does not have to be mounted on the 

wall; it can be operated while held in the hand, and used as a convenient remote controller.

• You can create a settings file for ProVisionaire Touch Kiosk, which is optimized for remote control (subsequently 

referred to as Kiosk).

When reading this document

The term “preset” appearing in explanations of the screens and functions of this 
application is used in two different senses: “images and materials provided for you to 
use in a color palette” and “preset data managed by the processors of the MTX/MRX 
system.” For clarity, the word “preset” is used to denote the first sense (provided 
materials), and 


 denotes the second (preset data of the MTX/MRX system).

Keep this in mind as you read.