Creating a custom panel


Creating a custom panel 

— the Page Edit button

In the menu bar, tap the Page Edit button 

 (shown in Design 

mode) to see the 


 menu used for a custom 

panel. You’ll use these to design a custom panel.

Tap a part in the custom panel to place it.

• Button

Widgets used as switches. Switching parameters such as On/Off, 
Inc/Dec, or 


 recall can be assigned to these widgets. Page 

switching can also be assigned.

• Slider

Widgets used as faders. These can control a continuously variable 
numeric value.

• Rectangle

These are rectangular parts that are convenient for placing a button 
or slider name, title, or comment. In addition to text, you can also 
assign a logo or other image.

* Parameters cannot be assigned.

• Image

Use these to place images such as icons or patterns.
You can place images from the iOS “Photos” app library.

* Parameters cannot be assigned.

• Value

Widgets used to display the numeric value of a slider. This lets you 
check the current numeric value without having to tap the slider wid-


Widgets used to display a PDF file. You can use this to display a 
manual that will not fit in a rectangle. Select the PDF file that is dis-
played when this widget is placed. The file can be changed in Design