Selecting multiple widgets


Selecting multiple widgets 

— Multi Select button

By tapping the Multi Select button 

 on the menu bar, you can 

switch between single-select mode (select a single widget) and 
multi-select mode (select multiple widgets). 

The color of the Multi Select button indicates whether you are in sin-
gle-select mode or multi-select mode.

In the multi-select state, you can select multiple widgets by perform-
ing the following operations.

• In a location where there is no widget, stroke the screen to 

enclose multiple widgets.

 The widgets included in the area you enclosed are selected.

• Tap a widget.

 The widget you tapped is selected.

* If multiple widgets are selected, design changes you make or text you enter 

will apply to each instance of the same type of widgets.

If you perform the following operations while in the multi-select 
state, the selection is canceled.

• Tap a selected widget.

 The widget you tap is un-selected.

• Tap where there is no widget.

 All widgets are un-selected.

Multi Select button



Single-select mode


Multi-select mode