Basic process


Basic process

Using the creation of a simple control panel as an example, this sec-
tion explains the process of creating a panel and using it to control 
the system.

First place the buttons that you want to use as on/off switches.


In the menu bar, tap the Page Edit button 



In the widget menu, tap the button icon.

The button is placed on the panel.

* To close the widget menu, tap the panel background.


Move the button where you want it.

A dotted line and white circles appear around the button that you 
placed. You can move the button by dragging a portion of it that’s not 
a white circle. You can change the size by dragging a white circle.

* If the dotted line and white circles are not shown, long-press the button to 

make them appear.

* You can specify 


 for convenience when changing the size or loca-


* If you specify 

“Fixed Size,”

 the size will be fixed and cannot be changed.

Saving data

In this app, the changes you make to the page are automati-
cally saved in the settings file.

1. Place buttons