Configuring NetworkAmp Manager

Configuring NetworkAmp Manager


NetworkAmp Manager—Owner’s Manual

Configuring NetworkAmp Manager

The General Setup dialog box is used to configure NetworkAmp Manager. To open the 
General Setup dialog box, choose General Setup from the Option menu.

PC I/F for amp control: 

These options are used to specify the MIDI interface Net-

workAmp Manager should use to communicate with the connected ACU16-C/NHB32-C. 
The options available depends on what MIDI drivers you have installed on your PC. Choose 
the Yamaha CBX Driver (for use with serial ports) or Yamaha USB Driver (for use with USB 
ports). See the ACU16-C/NHB32-C Owner’s Manual for information on installing these 

Control error caution: 

When this option is selected, a message is displayed in the Log 

window when a parameter is adjusted on another PC or an ACU16-C or NHB32-C.

Default project: 

These options determine how NetworkAmp Manager behaves when it’s 

started. When “None” is selected, the project open dialog box appears automatically and 
you can select a project file manually. When the “Specified project” option is selected, the 
specified project is opened automatically. Click the Browse button to select the project file 
to be opened automatically. If you enter the filename manually, be sure to include the full 
path (e.g., C:\My Documents\NetworkAmp Manager\My Project.apj).

Temperature display units: 

These options determine the units NetworkAmp Manager 

uses to display temperature values: Centigrade (˚C) or Fahrenheit (˚F).

Output meter units: 

These options determine the units NetworkAmp Manager uses to 

display power amplifier output values: Watt (W) or Volt (V).

The “PC I/F for amp control” and “Default project” settings are stored in the Windows Reg-
istry. All other settings are stored in the project file.