Control Link


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NetworkAmp Manager—Owner’s Manual

Control Link

With Control Link you can group power amplifiers for simultaneous control of power 
Standby and On. Up to 16 Control Link groups are available.

To open the Control Link page, choose Control Link from the View menu.

The STANDBY and ON buttons are unavailable when no power amplifiers are in a group 
or when the group is disabled. When a group is enabled, you can click the STANDBY button 
to simultaneously set all power amplifiers in that group to Standby mode. When an ON 
button is clicked, the amplifiers in that group are turned on.

When all power amplifiers in the group are in Standby mode, the STANDBY button appears 
depressed. When all power amplifiers in a group are on, the ON button appears depressed. 
If some power amplifiers in the group are in Standby mode and some are on, both buttons 
appear in the up position.

See the next page for information on editing groups...