Yamaha NetworkAmp Manager Owners Manual

Group View

Group View


NetworkAmp Manager—Owner’s Manual

Group View

With Group View you can view and control groups of channels from any amplifiers on the 
network. There are eight group pages and up to 16 channels can be displayed on each.

To open the Group View page, choose Group View from the View menu.

The eight groups are selected by clicking the tabs along the top of the page. The Network 
tab is used when NetworkAmp Manager is being run on several PCs. For example, if you 
select Group View page #1 on PC #1, providing that the Group View page (or ACU Amp 
page or Channel Detail page) is open on PC #2, its Network tab will display the same chan-
nels as page #1 of PC #1. In fact, all networked PCs will display the same group of channels, 
and you will not be able to display different groups on the other PCs. If the Group View win-
dow is not open, nothing happens on PC #2. 

See the next page for information on editing groups...