Locking NetworkAmp Manager

Locking NetworkAmp Manager


NetworkAmp Manager—Owner’s Manual

Locking NetworkAmp Manager

You can lock NetworkAmp Manager to prevent unauthorized operation.

Locking NetworkAmp Manager


Choose Operation Lock from the Option menu.

The Operation Lock dialog box shown below appears.


Enter a password in the Password and Confirm fields.


Click Lock.

NetworkAmp Manager is locked and the Operation Unlock dialog box appears, as shown 


To unlock NetworkAmp Manager, enter the password in the Password field, 
and then click Unlock.

When you enter the correct password and click “Unlock,” the NetworkAmp Manager will 
be unlocked, and the “Operation Unlock” dialog box will close.

The password you assign is saved in a text file in the same folder as the folder in which Net-
workAmp Manager is installed. If you forget the password, delete the password file, and 
then click Unlock, making sure that the Password and the Confirm fields are empty.