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NetworkAmp Manager—Owner’s Manual

Patch Page

This page is used to assign AES/EBU inputs and outputs to individual CobraNet channels 
and to store and recall assignment patches. Before making any assignments, you must spec-
ify the bundles that contain the CobraNet channels you want to patch (see 

page 15


AES/EBU inputs and outputs are assigned to CobraNet channels on two 32 x 32 grids, one 
for inputs, one for outputs. To make an assignment, click on the grid at the relevant inter-
section. A blue spot appears when an assignment has been made. To cancel an assignment, 
click the blue spot.

Only one AES/EBU input or output can be assigned to each CobraNet channel. For example 
if you select a latency of 5.22 ms and a bit depth of 24 bits in the NHB CobraNet page (see 

page 15

), the number of channels in each group will decrease to 7, and channels 8, 16, 24, 

and 32 will be unavailable.

Network efficiency can be optimized by using all channels in each bundle instead of, for 
example, using four channels in two bundles or two channels in four bundles.

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