Volvo S60 2003 Owner Manual

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2003 Volvo S60 
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Climate control
pg. 43 Climate control
Climate control systems - general information 
Air distribution 
Electronic climate control, ECC (2.4T and T5) 
Manual climate control with air conditioning, (A/
pg. 44 Climate control
Climate control systems - general information 
Condensation on the inside of the windows 
Keeping the insides of the windows clean will help reduce the amount of condensation that forms on the windows. 
Use a commercial window cleaning agent to clean the windows.
Ice and snow 
Always keep the air intake grille at the base of the windshield free of snow.
Cabin air filter 
Replace the cabin air filter with a new one at the recommended intervals. The filter should be replaced more often 
when driving under dirty and dusty conditions. The filter cannot be cleaned and therefore should always be 
replaced with a new one.
The sunlight sensor on the dashboard and passenger compartment temperature sensor in the ECC control panel 
should not be covered in any way as this could cause incorrect information to be sent to the ECC system.
Parking the car in warm weather 
If your car has been parked in the sun in warm weather, opening the windows and sun roof (option) for several 
minutes before driving will help release the warm air from the passenger compartment. When the engine is running, 
close the windows and sun roof and use the recirculation function for several minutes to enable the air conditioning 
to cool the compartment as quickly as possible.
Windows and optional sun roof 
The ECC system (2.4T and T5 models only) will function best if the windows and optional sun roof are closed. If 
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