Volvo S60 2003 Owner Manual

Manually unlocking the fuel filler door, Turn Signals

2003 Volvo S60 
pg. 31 Instruments and controls
Manually unlocking the fuel filler door
Manually unlocking the fuel filler door 
NOTE: Cotton gloves are available in the tool kit located in the spare wheel well.
The electric motor that controls the fuel filler door locking mechanism is located on the inside of the rear 
fender on the passenger side of the car, just behind the fuel filler door. To unlock this door manually:
1. Turn the knob (A) 1/4 turn counterclockwise to release the cover panel (B).
2. Fold down the cover panel to access the electric motor (C).
3. Press the catch (D) rearward to unlock the fuel filler door, or forward to lock the door. 
pg. 32 Instruments and controls 
Turn Signals 
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