Volvo S60 2003 Owner Manual

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2003 Volvo S60
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Back Cover
Accessory Installation - Important Warning 
We strongly recommend that Volvo owners install only genuine, Volvo-approved accessories, and 
that accessory installations be performed only by the factory-trained technicians at your authorized 
Volvo retailer. 
Genuine Volvo accessories are tested to ensure compatibility with the performance, safety, and 
emission systems in your car. Additionally, your authorized Volvo retailer knows where accessories may 
and may not be safely installed in your Volvo. In all cases, please consult your authorized Volvo retailer 
before installing any accessory in or on your car. 
Accessories that have not been approved by Volvo may or may not be specifically tested for 
compatibility with your car. Additionally, an inexperienced installer may not be familiar with some of 
your car's systems. 
Any of your car's performance and safety systems could be adversely affected if you install 
accessories that Volvo has not tested, or if you allow accessories to be installed by someone unfamiliar 
with your car. 
Damage caused by unapproved or improperly installed accessories may not be covered by your new 
car warranty. See your Warranty and Service Records Information booklet for more warranty 
information. Volvo assumes no responsibility for death, injury, or expenses that may result from the 
installation of non-genuine accessories. 
Driver Distraction  
Driver distraction results from driver activities that are not directly related to controlling the car in the 
driving environment. Your new Volvo is, or can be, equipped with many feature-rich entertainment and 
communication systems. These include hands-free cellular telephones, navigation systems, and 
multipurpose audio systems. You may also own other portable electronic devices for your own 
convenience. When used properly and safely, they enrich the driving experience. Improperly used, any 
of these could cause a distraction. 
For all of these systems, we want to provide the following warning that reflects the strong Volvo 
concern for your safety: 
Never use these devices or any feature of your vehicle in a way that distracts you from the task of 
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