1 9 8 6, VOLVO, 740 GL GLE Turbo, Car care

1986 Volvo 740 GL, GLE, Turbo 
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740 GL, GLE, Turbo 
Car care 
pg. 83 Car care 
Car care includes not only maintaining the appearance of the car, but also protecting the car exterior 
from the effects of air pollution, rain and mud. 
The rustproofing compound under the car should be checked regularly and, if necessary, damaged areas 
should be repaired. 
The paintwork should also be touched up immediately, if damaged, to prevent rust formation. 
Paintwork damage 
Washing the car 
Cleaning the 
pg. 84 Rustproofing 
What causes rust 
The two most common causes of rust to your car are: 
The accumulation of road dirt and moisture in hard-to-get-at cavities and other areas under the car. 
The removal of paint and protective coatings on the outside of the car and underneath through damage 
by stones, gravel or minor accidents. 
Several factors influence the speed at which corrosion will occur: 
The length of time various parts of a car stay wet. Parts of the car filled with road dirt and water 
remain damp for long periods of time even after other parts have dried. 
Particular attention should be paid to the underside of the car and floor sections inside. The floor 
sections stay wet because moisture collects and remains under the floor matting. 
Drain holes located at the bottom of the doors can get clogged with dirt, trapping water inside the door 
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