1 9 8 6, VOLVO, 740 GL GLE Turbo, Wheels and tires

1986 Volvo 740 GL, GLE, Turbo 
1 9 8 6  
740 GL, GLE, Turbo 
Wheels and tires 
pg. 62 Wheels and tires 
The handling and riding comfort of the vehicle is dependent on the inflation pressure and the type of 
tires fitted. Read the following pages carefully. 
Tread wear 
Tire wear 
Inflation pressures 
General information 
Your vehicle is equipped with 6 x 15" or 14" wheel rims and 185/70 R14 (Gl, GLE) or 195/60R15 
(Turbo) tires.  
In other words the width of the wheel rim is 6 inches and its diameter 15 inches.  
The tire designation is coded as follows:  
185 or 195 = tire width in mm.  
70 or 60 = tire profile. This is the relationship in percent between the section height and width of the tire.  
R = radial tires.  
14 or 15 = suitable intended rim size.  
The tires have good road holding characteristics and offer very safe handling on dry or wet surfaces - 
even at high speeds. It should be noted however that the tires have been developed to this performance 
on snow-free surfaces. For optimum road holding on icy or snow covered roads = we recommend 
suitable winter tires.  
When replacing tires, be sure that the new tires are the same size (designation), type (radial) and 
preferably from the same manufacturer, on all four wheels. Otherwise there is a risk of altering the car's 
road-holding and handling characteristics. 
NOTE:When storing wheel/tire assemblies (e.g. winter tires and wheels), either stand the assemblies 
upright, or suspend them off the ground. Laying wheel/tire assemblies their sides for prolonged periods 
can cause wheel and/or tire damage.  
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