Tire Reserve Load

1977 Volvo 242 244 245
Tire Reserve Load
This chart lists the 1977 242, 244 and 245 tire size designations recommended by Volvo with the 
recommended inflation pressure for maximum loading and the tire reserve load percentage for each of 
the tires listed. The tire reserve load percentage indicated is met or exceeded by each vehicle to which 
the chart applies. 
The difference, expressed as a percentage of tire load rating, between (a) the load rating of a tire at the 
vehicle manufacturer's recommended inflation pressure at the maximum loaded vehicle weight and (b) 
the load imposed upon the tire by the vehicle at that condition.
WARNING. Failure to maintain the recommended tire inflation pressure or to increase tire pressure as 
recommended when operating at maximum loaded vehicle, or loading the vehicle beyond the capacities 
specified on the tire placard affixed to the vehicle, may result in unsafe operating conditions due to 
premature tire failure, unfavorable handling characteristics and excessive tire wear. The tire reserve load 
percentage is a measure of tire capacity not of vehicle capacity. Loading beyond the specified vehicle 
capacity may result in failure of other vehicle components.  
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