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1977 Volvo 242 244 245
pg. 16 Air conditioning 
Air conditioning (optional) 
How to use the air conditioner: 
1 FAN 
Position 3 for rapid cooling. 
Push in the button to start the compressor. 
3 REC (Recirculation) 
Push in for rapid cooling.
4 TEMP  
Rotate to COOL for rapid cooling, then set to desired temperature. 
To obtain rapid cooling, all windows must be closed. Buttons FLOOR and DEF must be released.  
The air output will then be discharged through the four dash outlets which should be fully open.
Note: For rapid removal of condensation from inside glass surfaces, the air conditioner can be switched 
on. The air conditioner will dehumidify the air inside the vehicle. 
Have your Volvo dealer check the system for correct operation yearly. 
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