Toyota Venza 2012 Navigation System Owners Manual

Show on map Display POI icons

To resume guidance
1. Touch “Route”.
2. Touch “Resume Guidance”.
The screen will change to the current posi-
tion map with route guidance.
Points of Interest such as gas stations and
restaurants can be displayed on the map
screen.  You can also set their location as
a destination and use them for route guid-
1. Touch “Show on Map”.
2. Touch “Select POI” to display a par-
ticular type of Point of Interest on the
When the Points of Interest to be displayed
on the map screen have already been set,
“Change POI”
 is displayed.
A screen with a limited choice of Points of
Interest will be displayed.  (To change the
displayed POI, see page 246.)
Show on map —
— Display POI icons