Toyota Venza 2012 Navigation System Owners Manual

Distance and time to destination

When the vehicle is on the guidance route,
the distance and the estimated travel/arriv-
al time to the destination are displayed.
When the vehicle is not on the guidance
route, the distance and the direction of the
destination are displayed.
When driving on the guidance route and
more than one destination is set, the dis-
tance and the estimated travel/arrival time
from the current position to each destina-
tion are displayed.
1. Touch this button to display the fol-
lowing screen.
2. Touch the number button to display
the desired destination.
The distance, the estimated travel time
and the estimated arrival time from the cur-
rent position to the selected destination
are displayed.
Estimated travel time is dis-
Estimated arrival time is dis-
To switch to estimated arrival
To switch to estimated travel
Displayed while driving off the
guidance route.  The destina-
tion direction is indicated by
an arrow.
When the vehicle is on the guidance
route, the distance measured along
the route is displayed.  Travel time
and arrival time is calculated based
on the set vehicle speed information.
(See page 243.) However, when the
vehicle is not on the guidance route,
the distance is the linear distance be-
tween the current position and the
Distance and time to