Toyota Venza 2010 Navigation System Owners Manual

Destination search by Map

6. Either a freeway “Entrance” or
“Exit” can be selected.
7. To input a freeway entrance or exit
8. Touch “OK”.
9. Touch the button of the desired en-
trance or exit name.
The screen changes and displays the map
location of the selected destination and the
route preference.  (See
“Starting route
guidance” on page 72.)
1. Push the “DEST” button.
2. Touch “Map” on the second page of
the “Destination” screen.
The screen changes and displays the map
location that was previously displayed just
before the destination input operation and
the route preference.  (See “Starting route
guidance” on page 72.)
Guidance starts if “OK” is touched
even while driving.  However, the cur-
sor cannot be moved.
— Destination search by