Toyota Highlander HV 2009 Owners Manual

Hands free phone system for cellular phone features

3-4. Using the hands-free phone system (for cellular phone)
Hands-free phone system (for cellular phone) features
When using the hands-free system
The audio system and voice guidance are muted when making a call.
If both parties speak at the same time it may be difficult to hear.
If the received call volume is overly loud, an echo may be heard.
Try to face toward the microphone as much as possible when speaking.
In the following circumstances it may be difficult to hear the other party:
• When driving on unpaved roads
• When driving at high speeds
• If the window is open
• If the air conditioning is blowing directly on the microphone
• If the air conditioning is set to high
Owners of models equipped with a navigation system should refer to
the “Navigation System Owner's Manual”.
This system supports Bluetooth
, which allows you to make or
receive calls without using cables to connect a cellular phone and
the system, and without operating the cellular phone.
Using the hands-free phone system (for 
cellular phone)
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Making a phone call
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Setting a cellular phone
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Security and system setup
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Using the phone book
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: If equipped