What to do if

What to do if...
What to do if...
A tire punctures
P. 454
If you have a flat tire
The engine does not start
P. 467
If the engine will not start
P. 76
Engine immobilizer system
P. 470
If the vehicle battery is discharged
The shift lever cannot be 
moved out
P. 468
If the shift lever cannot be shifted 
from P
The engine coolant temperature 
gauge enters the red zone
Steam can be seen coming 
from under the hood
P. 474
If your vehicle overheats
The key is lost
P. 469
If you lose your keys
The battery runs out
P. 470
If the vehicle battery is discharged
The doors cannot be locked
P. 33
Side doors
P. 36
Access doors
P. 38
Back door
The vehicle is stuck in 
mud or sand
P. 477
If the vehicle becomes stuck
The warning light or indicator 
light comes on
P. 444
If a warning light turns on