Off road precautions

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2-5. Driving information
Off-road precautions
Off-road vehicle feature
Specific design characteristics give it a higher center of gravity
than ordinary passenger cars. This vehicle design feature causes
this type of vehicle to be more likely to rollover. And, utility vehicles
have a significantly higher rollover rate than other types of vehi-
An advantage of the higher ground clearance is a better view of the
road allowing you to anticipate problems.
It is not designed for cornering at the same speeds as ordinary
passenger cars any more than low-slung sports cars designed to
perform satisfactorily under off-road conditions. Therefore, sharp
turns at excessive speeds may cause rollover.
This vehicle belongs to the utility vehicle class, which has higher
ground clearance and narrower tread in relation to the height of its
center of gravity to make it capable of performing in a wide variety of
off-road applications.