Setting route Detour setting

While the route guidance is operating, you
can change the route to detour around a
section of the route where a delay is
caused by road repairs, or an accident,
1. Touch “Route”.
2. Touch “Detour”.
3. Select the button below to select the
desired detour distance.
“1 mile (km)”, “3 miles (km)” or “5 miles
 Touch one of these buttons to start
the detour process.  After detouring, the
system returns to the original guidance
“Whole Route”:
 By touching this button,
the system will calculate an entire new
route to the destination.
“Around Traffic”:
 If you touch this button,
the system will search for the route based
on the traffic congestion information re-
ceived from XMr NavTraffic. For details,
see “XMr NavTraffic” on page 98.
Setting route —
— Detour setting