Setting and deleting destinations Adding destinations, Reordering destinations

You can add destinations and search
again for the routes.
1. Touch “Route”.
2. Touch “Add”.
3. Input an additional destination in
the same way as the destination
 (See “Destination search” on
page 52.)
4. Touch the desired “Add Destination
Here” to determine the arrival order of
the additional destination.
When more than one destination is set,
you can change the arrival order of the
1. Touch “Route”.
2. Touch “Reorder”.
3. Select the desired destination and
press “Move Up” or “Move Down” to
change the arrival order.
4. Touch “OK”.
5. After selecting the destinations,
touch “OK”.
The system searches for the guidance
route again, and displays the entire route.
Setting and deleting
destinations —
— Adding destinations
— Reordering destinations