Destination search by Coordinates, Deleting set destinations

1. Push the “DEST” button.
2. Touch “Coordinates” on the second
page of the “Destination” screen.
3. Input the latitude and the longitude.
4. When the input is finished, touch
By touching the button of the desired point,
the screen changes and displays the map
location of the selected destination and the
route preference.  (See
“Starting route
guidance” on page 72.)
A set destination can be deleted.
1. Push the “DEST” button.
2. Touch “Del. Dest.” on the “Destina-
tion” screen.
When more than one destination is set, a
list will be displayed on the screen.
3. Touch the destination for deletion.
“Select All”:
 To select all destinations on
the list.
“Unselect All”:
 To unselect all of the se-
lected destinations.
4. Touch “Delete”.
A message appears to confirm the request
to delete.
5. To delete the destination(s), touch
 is touched, the data cannot be re-
 is touched, the previous screen will
— Destination search by
— Deleting set destinations