Destination search by Address Book, Destination search by Emergency

1. Push the “DEST” button.
2. Touch “Address Book” on the “Des-
tination” screen.
A list of registered address book entries is
3. Touch the button of the desired ad-
dress book entry.
 To register or edit address
book.  (See page 108.)
The screen changes and displays the map
location of the selected destination and the
route preference.  (See “Starting route
guidance” on page 72.)
1. Push the “DEST” button.
2. Touch “Emergency” on the second
page of the “Destination” screen.
The display changes to a screen to select
police stations, dealers, hospitals or fire
stations.  While driving, only nearby police
stations, dealers, hospitals, or fire stations
are shown.  The current position is shown
with an address, and the latitude and the
longitude at the top of the screen.
3. Touch the desired emergency cate-
The selected emergency category list is
— Destination search by
“Address Book”
— Destination search by