Toyota TUNDRA 2012 Navigation System Owners Manual


Push the “DEST” button.
You can use one of 10 different methods to
search your destination.  (See pages 54
through 71.)
When searching the destination, the
response to the touch screen button
may be slow.
Change the selected region in order to set
a destination from a different region by us-
ing “Address”, “Point of Interest” or “Inter-
section & Freeway”.
1. Touch “Search Area” to display a
map of the United States and Canada
divided into 12 regions.  
 (For map data-
base information and updates, see “Map
database information and updates” on
page 310.)
2. Touch one of “US1” through “CAN”
to select a region to search.
3. Touch “OK” and the previous
screen returns.
Destination search —
— Selecting the search area