Command list

When you search the destination by
POI, this screen is displayed.
In the following conditions, the sys-
tem may not recognize the command
properly and using speech com-
mands may not be possible.
The command is not correct or
Note that certain words, accents, or
speech patterns may be difficult for
the system to recognize.
There are some noises such as
wind noise, etc.
The system has a voice recognition com-
mand list.  You can operate the voice rec-
ognition system by saying any command
from the displayed command list.  Howev-
er, the XMr NavTraffic commands cannot
be used where the XMr NavTraffic service
is not available.  (For details, see “XMr
NavTraffic” page 98.)
1. Push the talk switch.
2. Say “Command list”.
3. Say the command of your choice to
operate the system.
To confirm commands on the screen,
 to scroll through the
command list.  This function is available
only when the vehicle is not moving.
—Command list