Map scale, Foot print map

 to change the scale
of the map display.  The scale bar and indi-
cator at the bottom of the screen indicates
the map scale menu.  The scale range is
150 feet (50 m) to 250 miles (400 km).
 until the scale bar
changes normally.  By continuing to touch
the button, the scale bar changes smooth-
The scale of the map display can be
changed by touching the scale bar directly.
It is not available while driving.
The map scale is displayed under the
north−up symbol or heading−up symbol at
the top left of the screen.
When the map scale is at the maxi-
mum range of 250 miles (400 km),
 is not shown.  When the map
scale is at the minimum range of 150
feet (50 m), 
 is not shown.  In
areas where the foot print map is
available the map scale changes from
 when at the minimum
For the area which is covered by the foot
print map (Some areas in the following
cities: Detroit, Chicago, N.Y., L.A), you can
switch to the foot print map on a scale of 75
feet (25 m).
To switch to the foot print map
 changes into 
 when the map
is scaled down to 150 feet (50 m).
To display the foot print map, touch
To delete the foot print map display, touch
If the map or the current position is
moved to the area which is not cov-
ered by the foot print map, the
screen scale automatically
changes to 150 feet (50 m).
On the foot print map, a one way
street is displayed by 
It is not possible to perform scroll-
ing on the foot print map (one−
touch scroll) while driving.
Building footprints in the database were
created and provided by MAPMASTER.
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— Foot print map