Important information about this manual, Safety Instruction

For safety reasons, this manual indicates
items requiring particular attention with the
following marks.
This is a warning against anything
which may cause injury to people if
the warning is ignored.  You are in-
formed about what you must or must
not do in order to reduce the risk of
injury to yourself and others.
This is a warning against anything
which may cause damage to the ve-
hicle or its equipment if the warning
is ignored.  You are informed about
what you must or must not do in or-
der to avoid or reduce the risk of dam-
age to your vehicle and its equip-
This provides additional information.
To use this system in the safest possible
manner, follow all the safety tips shown be-
This system is intended to assist in reach-
ing the destination and, if used properly,
can do so.  The driver is solely responsible
for the safe operation of your vehicle and
the safety of your passengers.
Do not use any feature of this system to the
extent it becomes a distraction and pre-
vents safe driving.  The first priority while
driving should always be the safe opera-
tion of the vehicle.  While driving, be sure
to observe all traffic regulations.
Prior to the actual use of this system, learn
how to use it and become thoroughly famil-
iar with it.  Read the entire Navigation Sys-
tem Owner’s Manual to make sure you un-
derstand the system.  Do not allow other
people to use this system until they have
read and understood the instructions in
this manual.
For your safety, some functions may be-
come inoperable when driving.  Unavail-
able touch screen buttons are dimmed.
Only when the vehicle is not moving, can
the destination and route selection be
Important information about
this manual
Safety Instruction