Touch screen operation

Maintenance information
This system informs about when to replace
certain parts or components and shows
dealer information (if registered) on the
When the vehicle reaches a previously set
driving distance or date specified for a
scheduled maintenance check, the “Infor-
mation” screen will be displayed when the
navigation system is in operation.
To disable this screen, touch “Do Not
Display This Message Again”.
screen goes off if the screen is not op-
erated for several seconds.
To prevent this information screen from be-
ing displayed again, touch 
“Do Not
Display This Message Again”
To register “Maintenance information”, see
“—Maintenance” on page 300.
This system is operated mainly by the
touch screen buttons on the screen.
To prevent damage to the screen, light-
ly touch buttons on the screen with the
finger.  When a button on the screen is
touched, a beep sounds.  (To set a beep
sound, see page 236.)
Do not use objects other than the finger
to touch the screen.
If the system does not respond to
a touch on a touch screen button,
move the finger away from the
screen and then touch it again.
Dimmed touch screen buttons
cannot be operated.
Wipe off fingerprints using a glass
cleaning cloth.  Do not use chemi-
cal cleaners to clean the touch
The displayed image may become
darker and moving images may be
slightly distorted when the display
is cold.
Under extremely cold conditions,
the map may not be displayed and
the data input by a user may be de-
leted. Also, the touch screen but-
tons may be harder than usual to
When you look at the screen
through polarized material such as
polarized sunglasses, the screen
may be dark and hard to see.  If so,
look at the screen from different
angles, adjust the screen settings
on the “Display” screen, or take off
your sunglasses.
Touch screen operation