Use this for automatic and ran-
dom selection of tracks on the album that
you are currently listening to.
Playing the tracks in the album in ran-
dom order—
While the track is playing, touch
“RAND” briefly.
“RAND” appears on the screen. The sys-
tem selects a track in the album you are
currently listening to. To cancel this func-
tion, touch 
 once again.
Depending on the portable player that
is connected to the system, certain
functions may not be available.
The DVD player can play DVD video, au-
dio CD, video CD, CD text, dts−CD or
MP3 disc only when a disc is loaded in
the DVD player.  A WMA and DVD audio
disc cannot be played.
For details of “Rear seat entertainment
system”, refer to 
“Owner’s Manual”
For appropriate discs for this player, see
“Audio/video system operating hints” on
page 220.
(a) Inserting the disc
Insert the disc into the slot with the la-
bel side up.
An adapter must be used for 3 in. (8 cm)
discs which are loaded in the same man-
ner as for 4.7 in. (12 cm) discs.
—DVD player operation