Toyota TUNDRA Oct. 2009 Owners Manual

Winter driving tips

2-5. Driving information
Winter driving tips
Carry out the necessary preparations and inspections before driving
the vehicle in winter. Always drive the vehicle in a manner appropri-
ate to the prevailing weather conditions.
Pre-winter preparations
Use fluids that are appropriate to the prevailing outside tem-
• Engine oil
• Engine coolant
• Washer fluid
Have a service technician inspect the level and specific grav-
ity of battery electrolyte.
Have the vehicle fitted with four snow tires or purchase a set
of tire chains for the rear tires.
Ensure that all tires are the same size and brand, and that chains
match the size of the tires.
Before driving the vehicle
Perform the following according to the driving conditions.
Do not try to forcibly open a window, scrape an outside rear
view mirror surface or move a wiper or outside rear view mir-
ror that is frozen. Pour warm water over the frozen area to
melt the ice. Wipe away the water immediately to prevent it
from freezing.
To ensure proper operation of the climate control system fan,
remove any snow that has accumulated on the air inlet vents
in front of the windshield.
Remove any ice that has accumulated on the vehicle chassis.
Periodically check for and remove any excess ice or snow
that may have accumulated in the wheel well or on the