Toyota Camry 2010 Hybrid Owners Manual

Correct driving posture

1-8. Safety information
Correct driving posture
Drive in a good posture as follows:
Sit upright and well back in
the seat. (
P. 58)
Adjust the position of the
seat forward or backward to
ensure the pedals can be
reached and easily
depressed to the extent
required. (
P. 58)
Adjust the seatback so that
the controls are easily oper-
Adjust the tilt and telescopic
positions of the steering
wheel downward so the air-
bag is facing your chest. 
P. 71)
Lock the head restraint in
place with the center of the
head restraint closest to the
top of your ears. (
P. 61)
Wear the seat belt correctly.
P. 63)