Toyota Camry 2010 Hybrid Owners Manual

What to do if

What to do if...
What to do if...
A tire is punctured
P. 417
If you have a flat tire
The hybrid system does not start
P. 427
If the hybrid system will not start
P. 87
Immobilizer system
P. 434
If the 12-volt battery is discharged
P. 431
If the electronic key does not oper-
ate properly
The shift lever cannot be 
P. 429
If the shift lever cannot be shifted 
from P
The coolant temperature is high
Steam can be seen coming 
from under the hood
P. 438
If your vehicle overheats
A key is missing
P. 430
If you lose your keys
The 12-volt battery runs out
P. 434
If the 12-volt battery is discharged
The doors cannot be locked
P. 51
The vehicle is stuck in 
mud or sand
P. 442
If the vehicle becomes stuck
A warning light or indicator light 
comes on
P. 397
If a warning light turns on or a 
warning buzzer sounds...