If the vehicle s 12 volt battery is discharged

5-2. Steps to take in an emergency
If the vehicle’s 12-volt battery is discharged
The following procedures may be used to start the hybrid system if
the vehicle's 12-volt battery is discharged.
You can call your Toyota dealer or qualified repair shop.
If you have a set of jumper (or booster) cables and a second vehi-
cle with a 12-volt battery, you can jump start your Toyota following
the steps below.
Open the trunk lid and remove the 12-volt battery cover. 
P. 348)
In the event that the trunk opener cannot be used, use the
mechanical key to open the trunk. (
P. 431)
Connecting the jumper cables 
Positive (+) battery terminal on your vehicle
Positive (+) battery terminal on the second vehicle
Negative (-) battery terminal on the second vehicle
Connect the jumper cable to ground on your vehicle as shown in
the illustration.