Toyota Camry 2010 Hybrid Owners Manual

Using the phone book

3-4. Using the hands-free phone system (for cellular phone)
Using the phone book
Adding a new phone number
The following methods can be used to add a new phone number:
● Inputting a phone number by using a voice command
● Transferring data from the cellular phone
● Inputting a phone number by using 
● Selecting a phone number from outgoing or incoming call history
To enter the menu of each setting, follow the steps below:
● Adding a new phone number 
1. “Phonebook” 
 2. “Add Entry”
● Setting speed dial 
1. “Phonebook” 
 2. “Set Speed Dial (Speed Dial)”
● Changing a registered name 
1. “Phonebook” 
 2. “Change Name”
● Deleting registered data 
1. “Phonebook” 
 2. “Delete Entry”
● Deleting speed dial 
1. “Phonebook” 
 2. “Delete Speed Dial”
● Listing the registered data 
1. “Phonebook” 
 2. “List Names”