Toyota Camry 2010 Hybrid Owners Manual


2-5. Driving information
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Storage precautions
Observe the following precautions. 
Failing to do so may result in death or serious injury.
To prevent cargo and luggage from sliding forward during braking, do
not stack anything in the enlarged trunk. Keep cargo and luggage low,
as close to the floor as possible.
Never allow anyone to ride in the enlarged trunk. It is not designed for
passengers. They should ride in their seats with their seat belts prop-
erly fastened. Otherwise, they are much more likely to suffer death or
serious bodily injury, in the event of sudden braking, sudden swerving
or a collision.
Do not place cargo or luggage in or on the following locations as the
item may get under the brake or accelerator pedal and prevent the
pedals from being depressed properly, block the driver’s vision, or hit
the driver or passengers, causing an accident.
• Driver’s feet
• Front passenger or rear seats (when stacking items)
• Package tray
• Instrument panel
• Dashboard
Secure all items in the occupant compartment, as they may shift and
injure someone during sudden braking, sudden swerving or an acci-
Capacity and distribution
Do not exceed the maximum axle weight rating or the total vehicle
weight rating. 
Even if the total load of occupant's weight and the cargo load is less
than the total load capacity, do not apply the load unevenly. 
Improper loading may cause deterioration of steering or braking con-
trol which may cause death or serious injury.