REGZA LINK connection

REGZA-LINK connection
You can control the basic functions of connected audio/video devices using the television’s remote 
control if you connect a REGZA-LINK compatible AV amplifier or playback device. For an explanation of 
setup and operations, see pages 64–65.
For the setup shown above, you will need three HDMI cables.
• If several devices are connected, the REGZA-LINK feature 
may not operate properly.
• For proper operation, it is recommended that you use HDMI 
cables with the HDMI Logo (
• This function is available when one PC and one AV amplifier 
are connected separately. However, it may not operate 
properly if the PC is connected via the AV amplifier.
Before controlling the device(s):
• After completing the above connections, set the REGZA-
LINK Setup menu as you desire (see page 64).
• The connected devices must also be set. For details, see the 
operation manual for each device.
• The REGZA-LINK feature uses CEC technology as regulated 
by the HDMI standard.
• This feature is limited to models incorporating Toshiba’s 
REGZA-LINK. However, Toshiba is not liable for those 
operations. Refer to individual instruction manuals for 
compatibility information.
AV amplifier
Playback device
Playback device
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