My remote control does not work.
What should I do?
•  Check the antenna or cable connection to the main unit.
•  Check the batteries of the remote control.
•  Check if there is an obstacle between the infrared sensor window and the 
remote control.
•  Test the signal output. If OK, then possible infrared sensor trouble.
Refer to “IR Signal Check” on page 36.
•  Aim the remote control directly at the infrared sensor window on the 
front of the unit.
•  Reduce the distance to the unit.
•  Re-insert the batteries with their polarities (+/– signs) as indicated.
•  When there is an infrared-equipped device such as PC near this unit, it 
may interrupt the remote control signal of this unit.
•  Move the infrared-equipped device away from this unit, change the angle 
of the infrared sensor or turn off the infrared communication function.
How come the Initial setup appears every 
time I turn on this unit?
•  Connect the RF coaxial cable to the unit directly and run the initial setup.
•  Make sure to complete the channel scan before turning off the unit.
Why I cannot watch some TV programs.
•  Make sure autoscan has been completed.
Refer to “Autoscan” on page 18.
•  Autoscan must be completed when you set up the unit for the first 
time or move it to a location where previously unavailable channels are 
•  The selected channel may not be broadcasting.
•  When autoscan is interrupted and not completed, 
some channels will not be received. Make sure to complete.
Refer to “Autoscan” on page 18.
•  The selected channel cannot be viewed by the “Child Lock” setting.
Refer to ‘‘Child Lock” on page 26.
•  The unit requires some kind of antenna input. An indoor antenna 
(VHF /UHF), an external antenna (VHF /UHF) or an RF coaxial cable from 
your wall cable/satellite box needs to be plugged into the unit.
How come there is no image from the 
connected external devices?
•  Check if the right input mode is selected by pressing [INPUT SELECT] or 
using [CH K / L]. Refer to “Switching Each Input Mode” on page 15.
•  Check the antenna or cable connection to the unit.
•  When using the Component Video Connection check that the Green 
(Y), Blue (Pb/Cb) and Red (Pr/Cr) connectors are connected to their 
corresponding colored jacks on the unit.
Whenever I entered channel number,
it changes automatically.
•  Many digital channels have alternate channel numbers. The unit changes 
the numbers automatically to the ones signifying the broadcasting 
stations. These are the numbers used for analog broadcasts.
Why are captions not displayed entirely?
Or, captions are delayed behind the 
•  Captions that are delayed a few seconds behind the actual dialogue are 
common for live broadcasts. Most captioning production companies can 
display a dialogue to maximum of 220 words per minute. If a dialogue 
exceeds that rate, selective editing is used to insure that the captions 
remain up-to date with the current TV screen dialogue.
How can I set the clock ?
•  There is no clock function on this unit.