Inserting and removing a Memory Stick


Inserting and removing a “Memory Stick”


Slide the lock switch and the 
OPEN button in the direction of 
the arrow and open the 
waterproof cover. 

The waterproof cover opens toward you.

• Before opening the waterproof cover, be 

sure to rinse off any sand and 
completely wipe away any water that 
may be present on the camera body.

Never open the waterproof cover underwater or 
in places exposed to water, as this may allow 
water to enter the inside of the camera and 
cause a malfunction.

Immediately after the camera is brought from a 
warm place to a cold place such as from 
indoors to outdoors, the difference in pressure 
between the inside of the camera and the 
outside air may make it difficult to open the 
waterproof cover.


Slide the inner cover in the 
direction of the arrow to open 

The inner cover opens toward you when 
you slide it in the direction of the arrow.

For details on the “Memory Stick,” see page 76.


Insert the “Memory Stick.”

Holding the “Memory Stick” as shown in 
the illustration, insert it all the way in until 
it clicks.

Push the “Memory Stick” all of the way in so 
that it is securely seated in the connector. If the 
“Memory Stick” is not inserted correctly, you 
may not be able to record or display images in 
the “Memory Stick.”

Be careful not to drop the batteries when 
opening or closing the inner cover.




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