Sony Corporation Printed in Japan

Sony Corporation   Printed in Japan


Document Outline Introduction Getting started Identifying the parts Preparing the power supply Installing the battery pack Charging the battery pack Using the AC power adaptor Setting the date and time Inserting the “Memory Stick” Basic operations B Recording Basic operations How to use the mode dial How to use the control button Recording still images Recording moving images B Playback Playing back still images Playing back moving images Viewing images using a personal computer Image file storage destinations and image files Advanced operations Before performing advanced operations How to use the mode dial How to use the control button How to use the jog dial Setting the image size (IMAGE SIZE) B Various recording Recording with the exposure fixed (AE LOCK) Recording with the manual adjustments Records images according to shooting conditions (SCENE SELECTION) Recording two or three images continuously Recording three images with the exposure shifted (DSC-S85 only) (EXP BRKTG) Recording still images for e-mail (E�MAIL) Adding audio files to still images (VOICE) Recording text documents (TEXT) Recording still images as uncompressed files (TIFF) Creating Clip Motion Files Setting the distance to the subject Recording images in macro Adjusting the exposure (EXPOSURE) Adjusting the white balance (WHITE BALANCE) Enjoying picture effects (P. EFFECT) Recording the date and time on the still image (DATE/TIME) Using the spot light- metering function B Various playback Playing back three or nine images at once Enlarging a part of the still image (Zoom and trimming) Playing back the still images in order (SLIDE) Rotating a still image (ROTATE) Viewing images on a TV screen B Editing Deleting images (DELETE) Preventing accidental erasure (PROTECT) Changing the recorded still image size (RESIZE) Copying images (COPY) Selecting still images to print (PRINT) Dividing a moving image file (DIVIDE) Changing the setup settings (SETUP) Additional information Precautions On “Memory Sticks” About “InfoLITHIUM” battery pack Using your camera abroad Troubleshooting Warning and notice messages Self-diagnosis display Specifications Display window indicators LCD screen indicators Index