Sony Corporation Printed in Japan

Sony Corporation   Printed in Japan

Printed on 100% recycled paper 
using VOC (Volatile Organic 
Compound)-free vegetable oil 
based ink.

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Document Outline Read this first Identifying the parts Getting started Preparing batteries On handling of batteries Charging the batteries (DSC-P43 only) Inserting the batteries Using the AC Adaptor Using your camera abroad Turning your camera on/off How to use the control button Setting the date and time Shooting still images Inserting and removing a “Memory Stick” Setting the still image size Image size and quality Basic still image shooting – Using auto mode Checking the last image shot – Quick Review Using the zoom feature Using the self-timer Selecting a flash mode Shooting images with the finder Inserting the date and time on a still image Shooting according to scene conditions Viewing still images Viewing images on the LCD screen of your camera Viewing images on a TV screen (DSC-P43 only) Deleting still images Deleting images Formatting a “Memory Stick” Before advanced operations How to setup and operate your camera Changing menu settings Changing items on the Setup screen Deciding the still image quality Creating or selecting a folder Creating a new folder Selecting the recording folder Advanced still image shooting Choosing an auto focus method Choosing a focus range finder frame Choosing a focus operation Setting the distance to the subject Adjusting the exposure Selecting the metering mode Adjusting color tones Adjusting the flash level Shooting images in succession Shooting in Multi Burst mode Shooting with special effects Advanced still image viewing Selecting the folder and playing back images Enlarging a portion of a still image Playing back successive images Rotating still images Playing back images shot in Multi Burst mode Playing back continuously Playing back frame by frame Still image editing Protecting images Changing image size Choosing images to print Still image printing (PictBridge printer) Connecting to a PictBridge compliant printer Printing images Printing index-images Enjoying movies Shooting movies Viewing movies on the LCD screen Deleting movies Cutting movies Enjoying images on your computer Copying images to your computer – For Windows users Installing the USB driver Connecting the camera to your computer Copying images Viewing the images on your computer Image file storage destinations and file names Viewing an image previously copied to a computer Installing “Picture Package” Copying images using “Picture Package” Using “Picture Package” Copying images to your computer – For Macintosh users Using “ImageMixer VCD2” Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Warnings and messages Self-diagnosis display Additional information The number of images that can be saved/ shooting time Menu items Setup items Precautions The “Memory Stick” The batteries The battery charger (DSC-P43 only) Specifications The LCD screen Index Index