Important information

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Important information
Emerg. calls only
You are within range of a network, but 
you are not allowed to use it. 
However, in an emergency, some 
network operators allow you to call the 
international emergency number 112. 
See Emergency calls on page 24.
PUK blocked. Contact operator.
You entered your personal unblocking 
key code (PUK) incorrectly 10 times in 
a row.
Charging, alien battery
The battery that you are using is not 
a Sony Ericsson-approved battery. 
See Battery on page 75.
Important information
Sony Ericsson Consumer Web site
On there is a support 
section where help and tips are only a few clicks 
away. Here you find the latest computer software 
updates and tips on how to use your product more 
Guidelines for Safe and 
Efficient Use
Please read this information before 
using your mobile phone.
These instructions are intended for 
your safety. Please follow these 
guidelines. If the product has been 
subject to any of the conditions listed 
bellow or you have any doubt of the proper function 
make sure to have the product checked by certified 
service partner before charging or using it. Failure 
to do so might lead to risk for product malfunction 
or even a potential hazard to your health.
Recommendations for safe use of 
product (mobile phone, battery, 
charger and other accessories)
• Always treat your product with care and keep it 
in a clean and dust-free place.
• Warning! May explode if disposed of in fire.
• Do not expose your product to liquid or moisture 
or humidity.
• Do not expose your product to 
extreme high or low temperatures. Do 
not expose the battery to temperatures 
above +60°C (+140°F). 
• Do not expose your product to open 
flames or lit tobacco products. 
• Do not drop, throw or try to bend your