Pinyin input

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Getting started
Pinyin input
Press the keys containing the required 
Pinyin letters, and the phone will make 
various proposals on the screen, 
according to the pronunciation rules 
of Mandarin.
Below is the key mapping of Pinyin 
letters on the keypad.    
For example, to enter “
1 Press , , .
2 When “xin” is highlighted, press 
 and select “ 信 ”, then press 
(If you want to enter any of the other 
suggested Pinyin combinations, scroll 
up or down to the desired 
combination, then press 
3 Press 
 again to select “ 息 ”,when 
“ 息 ” is highlighted.
Fuzzy Pinyin
Fuzzy Pinyin is an option for the Pinyin 
input method, which contains 
additional spelling alternatives. 
When in Pinyin input mode, press 
Writing options
Fuzzy Pinyin
Input punctuation, symbols and 
Under any Chinese input mode, press 
, to see the table of punctuation 
marks, symbols and smilies. Use the 
navigation key to make a selection. 
 to enter a space into the 
Number Key
Pinyin Letter
a b c 
d e f 
g h i 
j k l 
m n o
p q r s
t u ü
w x y z
On the keypad, the letter ü is replaced 
by v.